Here are some helpful travel insights from me to you.


Not all cruises have the same passport requirements. For example, a closed-loop cruise is one that starts and finishes at the same U.S. port and only sails to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas or Bermuda. For these cruises, you do not need a passport for re-entry into the U.S., but it’s possible that some of the countries along your journey will require a passport for entry.  I’d be happy to talk with you about passport requirements for any trip.

If you need to apply for or renew a passport, click below. Remember – you should allow for at least 8 weeks after application to receive your passport.


Here is a great packing list I’ve developed over my years of travel:

Packing Cubes – Store your clothing in these and take everything from your suitcase and place them into the drawers – they keep everything neat and organized and save time.
Sunscreen – Remember to choose a brand without the reef-damaging chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate.
Power Strip (without surge protector) or extension cord (if you have a CPAP)  
Extra batteries/Memory Cards – These are available on the ship but much more expensive there.   
Insect repellant
 – It is not needed on the ship but may be needed depending on what types of tours you will be doing, i.e. zip lining through the jungle. 
Hand sanitizer – Choose a clip-on to carry with you or get sanitizing wipes.
Beach Bag – Towels are provided by the cruise line.
Lanyard – This is to carry your room key and ID (available for sale on the ship if you forget)
Highlighter – This is for the daily Cruise News – to mark the activities you are interested in doing the next day.
Ziplock Bags – Great for protecting you camera/phone at the beach.  Consider also bringing larger bags for wet or dirty clothing. 
Small First-Aid Kit – Include the following: Band-aids, aloe vera, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl, cold/sinus, stomach/heartburn, cough drops, Dramamine or Sea Bands if you are prone to motion sickness.   
Lightweight Sweater – If you sunburn you may feel chilly in air conditioning or sea breeze.
Tide Pods/Dryer Sheets – Laundry may or may not be available depending on the ship.
Downy Wrinkle Releaser or empty spray bottle to fill with hot water – It helps freshen and loosen the wrinkles from clothing.
Clothespins – Use these to hang wet swimsuits in the shower. There is usually a clothesline, but you can fit more on it if you have clothespins.
Towel Clips for beach chair – These will help keep your towel from slipping off while you are enjoying the sun.
Cash – ATM fees are expensive on the ship/port. There is a small in-room safe you should keep all of your valuables, passports, etc.  You will not need cash on the ship but you will want to carry some when going ashore. Upon arrival at the pier, you will link your credit card to your room key and use the key card for all purchases on-board the ship. 
Magnetic hooks or clips – The cabin walls are metal and work great to help you organize your things. 
Post-it notes or small dry erase board – Use these to communicate with others in your cabin on where you will be on the ship.   
Flameless Candle – Use as a night light. Small tea lights work nicely (no open flames allowed).